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Project Necessity

Natural gas as a clean, high calorific value of high-quality energy, can save energy, improve people’s quality of life, promote industrial and commercial production, business and development. However, along with the use of natural gas, there are also concerns about the safety of natural gas pipelines. Illegal occupation of natural gas pipelines, natural disasters caused by pipeline water destruction, third-party damage, etc., have brought safety risks to natural gas pipelines.


In order to the safety of the pipeline, Wuhan natural gas co., ltd. is equipped with a JWM GPS intelligent guard tour device for each security guard. Carry out patrol according to the work plan. When the patrol point is reached, collect information and send the on-site situation to the management center in real-time.

Project Introduction

You first need to according to the actual circumstance of community is most suited to patrol area of planning, then patrol according to the need to focus on the location of the installation checkpoints, will patrol with every point read each other at the same time, note the location of the various points in the cloud to patrol system name, and information security personnel, patrol time into the clouds guard patrol system. When patrolling, the patrol personnel only need to carry the guard patrol system reader to each checkpoint to read the card, timely deal with any problems, and upload the data of the guard tour patrol system reader to the computer terminal after the patrol. The cloud patrol system will automatically draw a patrol form for managers to view. The patrol table records the time when the security personnel arrive at each checkpoint. If there is a leak, the patrol result will be marked out at a glance, accurate and clear.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Through the JWM management software, the establishment and supervision of pipeline patrol lines can be completed to enhance the scientific means of security management, and real-time monitoring of security guards can be realized to achieve the purpose of centralized management.
  • 2. Strictly monitor the pipeline to ensure the safety of the pipeline. In the process of pipeline patrol, the functions of JWM guard tour device taking photos and calling can be used to timely deal with emergencies and security risks.
  • 3. Realize all the uploading of patrol track and patrol data, provide track playback and data query, and obtain more scientific patrol data.
  • 4. Can collect patrol data at any time, and upload it to the management center to formwork reports, conduct data analysis, and nip hidden dangers in the cradle.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+