Guard Tour System Works with CCTV, Keep the City Safe

CCTV is an important way of security and prevention engineering. After the rapid development in recent years, CCTV has been applied in all walks of life, especially in the context of building a smart city, CCTV has been seen everywhere on the street.

However, the cost of CCTV is relatively high. Although it can be seen everywhere, CCTV is still not popular in many communities or buildings. Therefore, how to cooperate with CCTV and do a good job in patrolling is a problem faced by the security patrol industry at present.

CCTV has really replaced the patrol work in many scenes. It used to require many people to patrol the site, but now only one or two people can monitor the scene in front of the screen. And this situation is real-time, you can immediately find the problem, deal with the problem.

Can CCTV replace the guard patrol system? With such a dynamic, real-time screen, there is a need for on-site personnel to patrol more patrols? This is a lot of property management personnel face the problem, but also a lot of more security industry personnel face the problem, after all, CCTV security engineering will affect the development of patrol?

However, CCTV can observe only a limited number of items. It can reflect the status of different site points in real-time, but it cannot clearly see the specific status of some equipment and facilities at the site, and there are many blind corners, which cannot be solved by one video head. At the same time, more patrol is also a kind of security service embodiment, there are more guard patrol, will provide all owners with a better sense of security, this security is CCTV can not bring.

CCTV can assist patrol personnel to better and effectively understand the situation of each scene, and then carry out targeted and planned patrols. The combination of the two is the optimal solution. It is impossible to try to realize the patrol task in one way.

There is an important link in the patrol work, which is to ensure the normal operation of equipment and facilities. This kind of patrol work cannot be replaced by CCTV, which is also an important work in property management. Therefore, CCTV should be a part of the modern patrol system and an important part.