Location:Weijiazhai Ancient City


Project Necessity:

1. Whether the security personnel conduct patrol according to the required time cannot be assessed. 

2. The management center cannot control the security patrol in real time. 

3. In case of emergencies, the management center cannot be notified in time.


Weijiazhai Village in Baojing County is an ancient city during the Western Han Dynasty. It is located on the right bank of the middle and upper reaches of the Youshui River, across the river from the ancient city of Longshan Liye. It is an important historical site in western Hunan. The JWM Guard Patrol Management System provides strong security support for the personal and property safety of the scenic area.


Project Introduction:

The JWM guard tour patrol management system was introduced to the Weijiazhai ancient city site to protect the personal and property safety of the scenic area. Managers use the guard tour software system to formulate patrol routes, time, and patrol personnel. Patrol personnel with GPS guard tour patrol system carry out patrols as planned, increase the density of patrols in key locations, and fundamentally discover potential safety hazards and resolve them in time. The patrol data is uploaded via wifi or 4G network, and the management personnel can check and count randomly, which is convenient for work assessment and timely adjustment of patrol plans.

Solve Problems:

1. It solves the paper sign-in status of the traditional patrol mode, and the GPS track playback function can be used as the basis for the assessment. The data is true and reliable, preventing fraud. 

2. GPS guard tour patrol system does not need to install patrol points, avoiding the destruction of historic sites caused by traditional patrol methods. 

3. Supervise patrol personnel to patrol scenic spots at any time to stop tourists from uncivilized behavior. 

4. Support the function of uploading photos, managers can grasp the emergency in time, and the situation on the spot is clear at a glance.

Product Introduction: