Guard Tour System – Traffic Police Detachment of Jining Public Security Bureau

Location: Traffic Police Detachment of Jining Public Security Bureau

Project Necessity

At present, social development and economic construction have entered the stage of overall acceleration, and development needs stability as a guarantee. The first priority of public security organs is to create a stable and harmonious social security environment, to implement a 24-hour dynamic public security management and control service mode for street and community, and to realize the establishment of a unified command, first police, troop-mounted street and police-to-police linkage and speed based on scientific and technological communication. Effective patrol and control system with quick response. Effective management of patrolmen and patrolmen through technical means can greatly reduce the cost of combating crime.


The Traffic Police Detachment of Jining Public Security Bureau was designated as a county-level public institution by the municipal editorial committee in 2004. It has 4 service brigades directly under it and 21 department teams, with a total of 662 staff members. Since 2003, the Traffic Police Detachment of Jining Public Security Bureau has been rated as the provincial advanced detachment for preventing road traffic accidents for three consecutive years, and the provincial public security department has been rated as the first-class detachment for three consecutive years. The urban unimpeded project has been determined by the Ministry of Public Security and the ministry of construction as a city with second-class management level and obvious national progress for two consecutive years.

Project Introduction

In combination with the practical situation of Jining city patrol work, JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd designed the Public Security Guard Tour Management System, through the guard tour system softwareguard tour system  equipment, staff card and concealment type checkpoint to guide the real time of the patrol work, command decision-making scientifically, patrol the deployment of visualization, the patrol supervision intelligent construction goal, further improve the level of Jining city patrol work management information, intellectualized, to lead to patrol inspection system, effective integration of all kinds of police information resources, the formation of global integration, architecture science, distinct, clear responsibility, post to the people, the utility of the new grid patrol work mechanism.

Solve Problems

1. The command center can check the position of every patrolman and timely inform the nearest patrolman to go to the scene when receiving the alarm call.
2. When the patrol personnel encounters an emergency, touch the manual alarm, and the monitoring platform will immediately pop up an alarm information form. Then click “process” to process the alarm information, and the on-site alarm personnel can be connected directly.
3. The real-time monitoring function can enable the command center to see the actual track and route of the guards as the basis for the assessment.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+