Guard Tour System – Tieling Wanhai Water Supply Company

Location: Tieling Wanhai Water Supply Company

Project Necessity:

1. The environment of the water plant is complex, and the patrolman’s presence and recorded data cannot fully grasp its authenticity.
2. The quality of ordinary guard tour system reader is poor, and it is often easy to break the guard tour system reader during the patrol of the water plant.
3. Ordinary guard tour system reader, due to insufficient battery storage, is prone to power outages during patrol.


Water is the source of life. As a producer and supplier of tap water in Tieling City, Tieling Wanhai Water Supply Co., Ltd. wants to improve the quality of patrols through scientific management methods while ensuring water quality, thereby enhancing the safety of water supply in another aspect . Therefore, Tieling Wanhai Water Supply Co., Ltd. has introduced an electronic guard tour patrol system, which makes patrol more worry-free, and the management of card reading and dotting by patrol equipment makes management more at ease and users more at ease.

Project Introduction:

First of all, according to the actual situation of the water plant, install checkpoints at the locations that need to be patrolled, at the same time read the guard tour system reader and each point, and note the name of each point in the electronic guard tour system, and enter the information of the patrol personnel and the patrol time. The patrol plan is formulated in the electronic guard tour system. When patrolling, patrol personnel only need to hold the guard tour system reader to each checkpoint to read the card, and deal with the problem in a timely manner. After the patrol is over, upload the data of the guard tour system reader to the electronic patrol system through the data line. The electronic patrol system will automatically draw a patrol form for administrators to view. The patrol form records the time when the security personnel arrive at various points, and it will be marked when there are missing patrols. The patrol results are clear and accurate.

Solve Problems:

1. The management personnel check the security patrol in place through the electronic guard tour patrol system to ensure the authenticity of their data records.
2. It solves the situation that the quality of ordinary guard tour system reader  is poor, and it is often repaired, which increases the economic cost.
3. It solves the situation that common guard tour system reader is prone to power off during patrol.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V5