Guard Tour System – Tianjin World Financial Center

Location: Tianjin World Financial Center

Project Necessity

1. Due to the hotel’s large staff mobility, complex staff, large fire load, there are a large number of combustible, flammable materials and living items, if a fire, it is easy to quickly spread.
2. The hotel’s kitchen cookstoves and restaurants (hot pot, alcohol lamp) belong to the use of open flames more places, such as on the stove to cook food, such as failing to look after, prone to dry food or fire in oil spill ignition phenomenon, cause fire, personnel exchanges and hotel complex, may be a dispute within the hotel, causing conflict, therefore it is imperative to strengthen the hotel patrol.


Tianjin World Financial Center is located in Heping district, Tianjin city. It is a world-class office building with 336.9 meters, a super five-star st. Regis hotel which is the first choice for world leaders to stay, two international apartments for world business leaders, a supporting serviced apartment and international boutique business as one of the city’s landmark high-end urban complex. The geographical position is advantaged, is the traditional liberation north road square city leading place. It was listed as one of the world’s top 10 skyscrapers in 2011.Due to its particularity, Tianjin world financial center has a high level of security requirements, with a large number of security personnel responsible for the safety of the hotel, and strict requirements on its routine patrol arrangements. JWM guard tour patrol system for Tianjin World Financial Center to provide a strong security support, to ensure the security of personnel.

Project Introduction

Tianjin World Financial Center places the security of the hotel on the “Code Cloud” cloud patrol management system, and the cloud patrol will be scientific and efficient way to return to it.
The hotel internet cloud patrol management system can solve the hotel patrol management security assessment problems, fundamentally put an end to the phenomenon of security personnel lazy. Managers can use multiple devices at the same time to view security patrol information, computers, mobile phones can be viewed. The management can also according to the security personnel back patrol information to deal with the problem in time, the security situation of the hotel will be greatly improved.

Solve Problems

1. Carry out key patrol in key areas on time to effectively prevent fire, theft and deal with prominent incidents.
2. The guard tour patrol reader is not easy to be damaged, and repair is reduced to avoid affecting the security work.
3. Patrol records are automatically generated into a spreadsheet for easy printing or archiving, and historical records are tracked and reviewed.

Product Introduction

Model: Cloud Guard Tour Management System