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Project Necessity

For the realization of the “safe production, prevention first, comprehensive management” work principle, specification patrol management system, strengthen the factory patrols, completes the fire alarm, and the management of security guards patrol situation, Tianjin lishen company through the use of JWM Guards Tour System management, make the security guards patrol management system in accordance with provisions on in the surrounding area of the factory and factory designated patrol regularly, in order to find hidden trouble and solve in time, this way of patrol can greatly enhance the security of the factory, the security guards to patrol work for effective supervision and management.


“Lishen battery” management center has installed checkpoints in the research and development center, conference room, instrument analysis room and important locations around the plant. In the process of patrol, security guards carry inductive patrolling machine, according to the patrol plan, patrol time designated checkpoints, by scanning read the checking point, patrolling machine automatically patrol record information, after the patrol, through a data link connection, the patrol data uploaded to the computer, the software automatically by the backstage system processing, analysis, statistics, production reports, etc. This patrol system greatly improves work efficiency and provides the manager with scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis.

Project Introduction

Lishen battery was founded at the beginning of the latter name, support for the international high-end positioning, technology companies, after nearly 20 years development, from scratch, since the childhood, has become the domestic first-class, international leading professional manufacturer of lithium-ion battery, with the industry’s leading core technology and independent intellectual property rights, more than 1600 authorized patents, and has domestic battery industry’s first UL witness testing laboratory, national post-doctoral scientific research workstation.

Solve Problems

1. The patrol system adopts induction card technology, no contact, better protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed, no need for full-time maintenance, reduce the use cost.
2. Management personnel manage the background patrol software, develop patrol plans, define patrol routes, security guards and other functions. The unified management of personnel in and around the factory greatly improves the efficiency of the patrol. Through unified management of data, time waste caused by manual data sorting is reduced and data fraud is eliminated.
3. Improve the quality of patrol and the patrol of equipment, so that the patrol can be carried out seriously and properly, problems can be found and dealt with in time, and safety risks can be reduced.
4. Analyze the patrol information through the patrol system, provide useful information for patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, and solve problems in the bud and nip them in the bud.

Product Introduction

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