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Location: Tianjin Gas Group Co., Ltd

Project Necessity

Natural gas as a clean, high calorific value of high-quality energy, can save energy, improve people’s quality of life, promote industrial and commercial production, business and development. However, along with the use of natural gas, there are also concerns about the safety of natural gas pipelines. Illegal occupation of natural gas pipelines, natural disasters caused by pipeline water destruction, third-party damage, etc., have brought safety risks to natural gas pipelines.


Tianjin Gas Group Co., Ltd. Each patrol guards are equipped with a GPS guard patrol device, which adopts the fixed-point patrol method and B/S structure network version of GPS system management software. Set up a maintenance management center and a central database server in the company to summarize and report the work and data of the lineman.

Project Introduction

Tianjin gas group co., ltd. was founded on October 18, 2000. With the continuous expansion of the company’s business, it is more and more important to improve the service level and the company’s safe gas supply. In the second half of 2011, the company decided to introduce the GPS guard tour management system to help the company carefully manage the resources of the existing pipe network, so as to provide a solid backup force for the future expansion of the company’s business.

Solve Problems

1. The JWM patrol management system solves the patrol arrival rate of patrol guards.
2. Patrol equipment is easy to operate and data upload is convenient and quick.
3. Changed the traditional management mode to achieve the purpose of maintenance management.
4. Effectively integrate the resource management system with the patrol system to make it more convenient and unified.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5