Guard Tour System – Tianhong Mall

Location: Tianhong Mall

Project Necessity

1. Shopping malls are places where people gather, and people come and go frequently and complicatedly. As a result, harmful phenomena such as destruction of public facilities often occur.
2. Many commodity warehouses are located in the basement. The leakage of pipelines and aging of wires are difficult to detect. There are hidden dangers such as cargo immersion and fire.


Tianhong Mall Co., Ltd is a joint venture chain retail enterprise between China and foreign countries. Through human-oriented, scientific management, professional and efficient operation, the company has achieved outstanding results and has been listed in the top 100 Chinese chain enterprises for many years. Tianhong company has always adhered to the principles of “effective expansion” and “sustainable development” to build a brand with “affinity, trust, and enjoyment of life” as its core value. Tianhong Mall introduced JWM guard tour system strengthened the safety management of the mall, determined to shape the company into a first-class retail enterprise in the country, and share the beauty of life with customers.

Project Introduction

Tianhong Mall has 160 directly operated branches under its brand, and the daily safety management of the mall is the most important part of management. JWM guard tour system can record patrol information instantly through hand-held guard patrol device and centralize the management of security personnel through the background guard tour software system. The performance evaluation of personnel is clear through electronic reports. JWM guard tour management system for the safety management of 160 direct-operated branch stores helps Tianhong company to achieve standardized centralized management, improve management efficiency and timely discover security risks through daily patrols to avoid loss expansion.

Solve Problems

1. Tianhong Headquarters Security Management Center can check the performance management of the security departments of the direct-operated branch stores at any time through the backstage guard tour patrol management software.
2. Through the management terminal located in the management center, the establishment of checkpoints and patrol routes in shopping malls and the deployment of patrol personnel tasks are completed.
3. One-button alarm function, when security personnel finds emergencies during the patrol, they can press one-button alarm function.
4. Through the analysis and processing of patrol information by backstage guard patrol management software, we can provide useful information for patrol work and formulate corresponding strategies.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5