Guard Tour System – The Historic Town of Dangkou

Location: The Historic Town of Dangkou

Project Necessity:

The manager can not guarantee that there will be at least one person on duty for each patrol and st least patrol for one time. The safety of the scenic spot cannot be guaranteed.
Patrol officers are often lazy and do not patrol. They often fail to pay attention to the movement of the personnel and the items they carry, and fail to check suspicious personnel in the first time, which leads to threats to the safety of the scenic spot.
Special attention should be paid to fire safety in the scenic spot. However, patrol personnel often forget to check the fire protection facilities, which leads to the expiration or damage of equipment. There is no solution when there is a fire hazard.


The Historic Town Of Dangkou is located in The southeast of Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. It is one of the five historical and cultural districts (towns) under key protection in Wuxi. In 2010, it was named as the Famous Town of Chinese history and culture. Enjoy the “small Suzhou”, “silver mouth” reputation. It is a national AAAA tourist attraction. In order to ensure safety and improve safety awareness, The Historic Town Of Dangkou introduced JWM guard tour patrol system and established an effective inspection mechanism.

Project Introduction:

Firstly, the patrol point is installed on the patrol route or key position of the scenic spot, and the ID number of the patrol point is set to the name of the actual installation place through the electronic patrol system. According to the tour time requirement, the corresponding tour plan is set through the patrol system;
Then WM-5000V4 will dispense to patrol officer, they hand-held machine to reach the specified checkpoints, and read the checkpoints with the card reader, and patrolling the opportunity to automatically record the name of the place and time of arrival, after the patrol through the USB cable will be patrolling inspection data uploaded to the JWM guard tour patrol system. The report form of patrol inspection is counted by day, month and year, which provides scientific and effective assessment basis for managers.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation of patrol personnel failing to patrol, missing patrol and wrong patrol, and ensured the safety of property and life in the scenic spot;
2. Solved the patrol management system without data basis and improved the quantitative management process;
3. Solved the problem that the fire protection facilities in the scenic spot often forget to check, and the hidden fire situation cannot be discovered in time.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S