Guard Tour System-Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center

Location: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center

Project Necessity

1. The workload of line operation and maintenance is large, and the line operation environment is poor. Construction sites and tree barriers exist in some line protection areas. The power supply company has not made a detailed and scientific patrol plan for the line and facilities.
2. Some security guards do not understand the topography, landforms, and changes along the route, and do not understand the dangerous situation. Important sites may be ignored.
3. In the past, the circuit operation and maintenance related data were recorded manually by the patrol, which was easy to cause the loss of records and difficulty in preservation, and it was difficult to provide correct and reliable data support for the future patrol plan.


Every launch of a satellite rocket has a power protection mission, from the approach of the satellite rocket, fuel filling to the whole process of liftoff. The power protection mission is of great responsibility. Power supply company level to protect electricity during the launch of a rocket into the state, all security guards use JWM guard tour system to 24-hour patrol routes, seriously carry out equipment patrol and hidden, all-round to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid equipment, guaranteed for a satellite launch task to lay a solid basis of power supply security.

Project Introduction

Taiyuan satellite launch center was built in 1967. At present, it has built a modern launching site with multi-function, multi-launch mode and integrated command and control and comprehensive support system. The center has successfully launched China’s first sun-synchronous orbit meteorological satellite “Feng Yun-1″, the first Marine resources survey satellite, creating nine first in the history of China’s satellite launch.

Solve Problems

1. JWM patrol management system can set the patrol plan for the line, set the patrol points for different areas and positions, and set reasonable patrol time to achieve scientific patrol management.
2. By setting up the patrol plan, it can ensure that the security guards carefully check the equipment according to the position on time, patrol the equipment and eliminate hidden dangers, safeguard the important places and ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.
3. The integrity of the patrol record can resolve and deal with various problems as soon as possible. In the process, the software can analyze these data and information to provide useful information for electricity protection, so as to solve problems in the bud and prevent them from happening.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5