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Project Necessity

Since the establishment of the company, great importance has been attached to pipeline patrol. The original patrol are all local villagers. According to the requirements of the mining area, they will carry out pipeline patrol along the pipeline route every day. Then handwritten records, weekly patrol report submitted to the head of the mine, because there is no scientific means to determine whether the patrol according to the regulations to patrol, pipeline has been damaged, the patrol submitted the report still shows normal phenomenon.


Taigang Lanxian Mining Co., LTD was established in 2009, the company’s business scope includes iron ore exploration and mining; processing and marketing of iron ore powder; pellet processing, etc. After processing of iron ore pulp by underground ore concentrate pipeline to the next mining, ore concentrate pipeline generally placed in 2 meters deep underground, 50 km, from west Liang Jiazhuang YuanJia Village “separation of” east to samanta-prabhasa town “division”, while crossing the road, river, the village, around two mountain to reach the next mining area, make the ore concentrate after refining processing.

Project Introduction

In order to regulate and manage the patrol work of the patrol, improve the patrol quality, strictly patrol the pipeline systematically according to the prescribed route, and find the hidden trouble of the pipeline in time, Taigang Lanxian Mining Co., LTD introduced the JWM GPS intelligent patrol management system. The patrol carries a GPS guard tour system reader to patrol the designated route, and the reader will send the patrol’s coordinates to the management center’s guard tour system software in real time. Managers through the software on the electronic map, can be accurate to the location of patrol, at the same time in the process of patrol found emergency, can call the police, by GPS guard tour system reader is a key report to management center, so that managers timely deployment, timely treatment, emergency response plans for provides the most effective solution.

Solve Problems

1. Can formulate personnel, time, tasks, and periodic patrol plan, and conduct quantitative assessment of the work of patrol personnel.
2. The online GPS patrol management system effectively ensures the normal and orderly work flow and implements the patrol personnel management.
3. The assessment scope limited to a specific time, place and personnel shall be recorded and monitored in real time through the pre-setting of the system, so as to prevent hidden dangers in advance and ensure production safety.
4. It can send an alarm with one key, and the management center will receive the alarm notice immediately, and take immediate actions to deal with the problem.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+