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Project Necessity:

1. The daily flow of people in the subway is very high, and the danger also increases. The subway management has no way to know whether the patrol personnel are patrolling regularly. 

2. Fire-fighting facilities will be installed inside the subway, but patrol personnel always forget to check, resulting in expired or damaged facilities. 

3. When the manager leaves the subway management area, it will cause the subway staff to work lax, passivity, and not patrol.


Suzhou Shenyu Rail Transit Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in rail transit technology development, technical consulting, and new energy technology development. In order to ensure the safety of personnel and property in subway stations, Suzhou Shenyu has introduced the JWM Cloud Guard Patrol Management System.


Project Introduction:

Suzhou Shenyu adopted the JWM cloud patrol system to help it reduce the occurrence of hidden dangers. The management personnel install patrol points in the locations that need to be patrolled, read the guard tour patrol system rerader and checkpoints, the guard tour patrol system rerader automatically records the data, sets the data as the location name, and enters the patrol personnel and the time needed to patrol into the management center at the same time, The management center will map the data into a patrol plan. Patrol personnel need to follow the patrol plan and patrol with guard tour patrol system rerader. Managers can view uploaded patrol records at any location through mobile phones or computers with cloud guard tour patrol software. Managers are not restricted to one location.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that the manager could not know whether the patrol personnel went to patrol according to the requirements due to the large traffic of subway people. 

2. Solve the problem that the fire-fighting facilities in the subway are out of date and damaged due to long periods of non-patrol, ensuring that the fire-fighting facilities are available at all times and effectively reducing the hazards of hidden dangers. 

3. Solve the problem that the management staff cannot guarantee the quality of the patrol when they leave, and watch the patrol records at any time to prevent the security risks caused by negligence. 

Product Introduction: