Guard Tour System – State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company

Location: State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company

Project Necessity:

The paper version of the patrol check-in and record information is inconvenient and time-consuming.
The manager cannot know whether the patrol is in place according to the prescribed route.
Ordinary patrol devices are of poor quality and are frequently repaired, increasing economic costs.


The continuous and safe delivery of power to thousands of households is their constant insistence. In order to ensure that daily patrols can promptly submit hidden problems to the company, State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company Zhijiang City Power Supply Company introduced JWM intelligence power guard tour patrol system, arming the company’s patrol force with Polaris 5 GPS guard tour system reader.

Project Introduction:

According to the patrol site required by the power supply company, the manager collects the coordinate points through the Polaris 5GPS guard tour patrol system reader at each location that needs to be patrolled, and then enters the patrol personnel, patrol time and period together with the name of the coordinate point according to the patrol schedule established by the power supply company In the GPS intelligent guard tour power patrol system, the system automatically organizes and maps all the information into a patrol plan.
Patrol personnel need to hold a guard tour system reader to patrol at various locations according to the patrol plan and patrol trajectory when patrolling. When the patrol personnel reach the coordinate point position, the Polaris 5 GPS guard tour system reader will issue a prompt and the patrol information can be uploaded in real time. The built-in alarm function sends an alarm signal to the management center. The intelligent guard tour system can automatically draw patrol information and alarm signals in the middle into patrol reports and provide them for administrators to view. The administrator can also view the patrol track of the patrol personnel through the track playback function. Avoid patrol officers being lazy.

Solve Problems:

1. Electronic information-style patrol records make it easier to save and view.
2. Solved the situation that the manager could not know whether the patrolman was in place according to the prescribed route.
3. It solves the situation that the quality of ordinary guard tour system reader is poor, and it is often repaired, which increases the economic cost.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000P5+