Guard Tour System Solves the Problem of Hospital Safety Patrol Management

The JWM guard patrol system can better help Guangxi Sanjiang People’s Hospital to discover the hidden safety hazards in the hospital in time, form a strong deterrent against theft and sabotage, reduce the occurrence of hospital accidents, and ensure the normal operation of the hospital. The patrol machine plays a key role in hospital security management. The patrol system also brings more convenient management advantages to industries such as pharmaceutical production.

Urgent Problems

Manual patrol methods lack accuracy and are time-consuming and labor-intensive.
The hospital has a large daily flow of people, but the administrators cannot effectively supervise the security patrols.
There are many departments in the hospital, and various platforms and systems are independent, so data aggregation and sharing cannot be achieved.


The electronic patrol can use the patrol wand to read the tag to store data, and agree to upload it to the management terminal.
Install patrol points at each patrol location, and make patrol cycles through the electronic patrol system, and set up a patrol plan.

The electronic patrol system can be associated with the hospital system and coordinated into the system.


The patrol system summarizes the data uniformly, forms a patrol report, and accurately records information such as the time when the patrol guard arrive at each location.
The occurrence of missing patrols by security has been eliminated, and the patrol management system of security has been standardized, and the patrol situation has evidence to follow.
Complete information management can summarize and share data uniformly, which is convenient for management and assessment.


The management center makes a patrol plan through the electronic patrol system, installs patrol points on the patrol line, and the security guard holds the patrol machine and check in with the patrol point. After the patrol work is over, upload the data to the computer of the management center In the patrol report, the software system can be used to generate daily, weekly, and annual reports to complete the security assessment. The administrator can view the patrol report through the computer or management APP at any time.

Through this system, the hospital security patrol guard is encouraged to patrol the departments, laboratories, halls, corridors, fire-fighting facilities, and the surrounding areas of the building according to the system in order to find hidden dangers and solve them in time. This patrol method can It has greatly strengthened the safety work of the hospital, and effectively supervised and managed the security patrol work of the security guard.

Product model: WM-5000V8

WM-5000V8 patrol wand adopts military-grade components, rubber jacket, metal shell, silicone inner tank, and the protection level is IP67; at the same time, the patrol machine also integrates functions such as highlight flashlight lighting, compass, thermometer and high-brightness OLED display.

Solved Problem

1. According to the requirements, patrols can check for illegal use and storage of inflammable and explosive materials;
2. Check whether there is any illegal smoking, littering of cigarette butts and matches, and conduct key patrols on places where smoking is prohibited;
3. Check whether there is any occupation, blockage, closed evacuation passages, safety exits, or other phenomena that hinder safe evacuation;
4. Put an end to the phenomenon of guard being out of work, ensure uninterrupted patrols, uninterrupted supervision, uninterrupted services, and eliminate various safety hazards in the bud;
5. When the night security guards patrol the surroundings of the hospital, they can use the excellent lighting function of the patrol, which is more convenient and safer.