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Location: Sinopec Pipeline Storage and Transportation Co., LTD

Project Necessity:

1. The management personnel cannot know whether the patrol personnel of the plant patrol on time, whether there is a missed patrol or not, and the safety of the plant cannot be guaranteed.
2. Equipment and fire fighting facilities in the plant often forget to check, problems can not be found and dealt with in time, leading to the expansion of the danger, causing major accidents.
3. After the manager leaves the factory, he cannot be informed of the patrol situation in the first time. Ordinary stand-alone software can only use the computer terminal installed in the management system. Although the patrol report can be seen, it cannot be informed of the negative situation such as missing patrol in the first time.


Sinopec Pipeline Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd is located in Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province, mainly engaged in the storage, transportation and management of petroleum crude oil. Natural gas operation; Transportation and management of naphtha; Storage of fuel oil; Research, development and application of pipeline transportation technology and information; Pipeline testing, pipeline maintenance, pipeline and ground engineering equipment, etc. In order to ensure production safety and improve safety awareness, Sinopec Pipeline Storage and Transportation Co., LTD introduced JWM intelligent guard patrol system and established an effective inspection mechanism.

Project Introduction:

Factory checkpoint is first installed on the route or equipment of patrol operation area. The landing cloud guard tour patrol platform sets the corresponding checkpoint ID number to the “actual patrol place name” in combination with the actual patrol management requirements, and sets the corresponding patrol time (patrol plan) through the cloud patrol system software. Then guard tour system reader dispensed to patrol personnel, hand-held guard tour system reader arrived at the designated patrolling place more machine, with the patrolling point patrolling machine, and patrolling the opportunity to automatically record the name of the place and time of arrival, patrolling at the end of the tour more internal storage data uploaded to the cloud guard tour system, the system automatically sorting data and make patrolling reports. Managers can view detailed patrol data of patrol through computers, mobile phones, micro reliance.

Solve Problems:

1. Resolved a situation in which the management was unable to know if the patrol officers were patrolling as required.
2. Solved the situation that the equipment and fire control facilities in the factory often forget to check or fail to check in time, which leads to hidden trouble.
3. Solved the management leaves the factory to be unable to discover the patrol personnel in time the inspection situation.
4. It solves the situation that the patrol personnel cannot complete the assessment if they cannot get close contact with the key inspection positions, and avoids the hidden danger caused by the failure to patrol if they cannot concealed inspection.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V8