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Project Necessity

1. Traffic flow and logistics are rampant in major commercial pedestrian streets in cities. The scale of various activities is getting larger and larger, crowds are becoming more and more crowded, and the risk of safety accidents is also increasing, which makes the management of emergencies more difficult.
2. A large number of goods and commodities are piled up, which is also a fire-prone area. Many commodity storehouses are located in basement. The problems of leakage of various pipelines and aging of wires are not easy to detect. There are hidden dangers such as immersion of goods and fire.


Jingjibaina Business Management Co., Ltd founded in 2006, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jingji group. It focuses on the investment and development of commercial real estate, provides comprehensive, systematic and professional management services, and is committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise of commercial real estate services in China. Beijing Jibaina square contains fashion clothing, children’s world, star cinema, catering and other types of shops. Because of the large passenger flow and complex personnel, it is very important to establish a sound security patrol management system. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the JWM Guard Tour System to manage the patrol work of security guards.

Project Introduction

Shenzhen Jingjibaina Business Management Co., Ltd introduces the JWM guard tour management system of Mall. Through the setting of the guard tour system software, the management personnel can safely meet security personnel, patrol time, patrol must-see locations and security patrols. Records such as problems are processed in a unified manner, so that the patrol information can be seen at a glance. It not only facilitates the management personnel to effectively manage the security patrol work, but also realizes the scientific management of the personnel, commodities and various equipment of the shopping malls, reduces the safety hazards and prevents accidents.

Solve Problems

1. Changed the mode of manual check-in of security guards in the mall, supervised the security guards to patrol on time through high-tech means, not only eliminated the leakage and wrong patrol, but also realized the scientific management of security guards in the mall.
2. Patrol the stores according to the plan, so as to timely find problems and hidden dangers; conduct on-site management in case of emergencies, maintain the business order of the store and establish a good image of the store.
3 .Vanguard 4S RFID Guard Tour System magnetic absorption communication technology, avoid man-made damage, reduce the occurrence of repair.
4. Unified management of patrol data through background guard tour system software not only reduces labor costs but also eliminates data fraud, providing a scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis for managers.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S