Guard Tour System – Shenzhen Happy Coast

Location: Shenzhen Happy Coast

Project Necessity

1. Traffic flow and logistics are rampant in major commercial pedestrian streets in cities. The scale of various activities is getting larger and larger, crowds are becoming more and more crowded, and the risk of safety accidents is also increasing, which makes the management of emergencies more difficult.
2. A large number of goods and commodities are piled up, which is also a fire-prone area. Many commodity storehouses are located in basement. The problems of leakage of various pipelines and aging of wires are not easy to detect. There are hidden dangers such as immersion of goods and fire.

Project Introduction

The joy coast project covers an area of about 1 million 250 thousand square meters. The managers use JWM Guard Tour System and set up a patrol plan. The whole journey is divided into 8 patrol routes. 250 checkpoints are installed on the patrol routes, and the patrol routes run through five major areas, such as shopping center, Qushuiwan, coconut forest beach, marsh, overseas Chinese town Wetland Park and so on. In the process of patrolling, security personnel should check whether there is accumulation of debris in the safety corridors, whether emergency facilities and fire fighting equipment are in good condition and usable; whether there are suspicious personnel in public places should be patrolled and vigilant in time, and if conflicts occur, they should deal with them in time to avoid the expansion of conflicts. Night patrols are conducted every two hours, mainly to check whether there are potential safety hazards in water and electricity doors and windows everywhere, and whether there are suspicious persons in the surrounding environment.

Solve Problems

1. JWM Guard Tour Management System has put an end to the phenomenon that security patrol personnel can not be scientifically and accurately assessed and managed, effectively supervised the daily patrol work of security personnel, and put the management of security patrol personnel into practice.
2. Security patrols can reduce the occurrence of violent incidents and prevent all kinds of uncivilized phenomena.
3. Security patrol management effectively handles all kinds of emergencies and greatly improves work efficiency.
4. Patrol of important places to reduce the incidence of crime and property losses.
5. Vanguard 8 RFID Guard Tour System Reader has its own lighting function to facilitate night patrol by security personnel without additional flashlight.
6. Vanguard 8 RFID Guard Tour System Reader has two kinds of card reading functions, 125 KHz checkpoint reading card distance is 3 cm~5 cm, 2.4 G checkpoint reading card distance is less than 30 meters, the combination of the two card reading methods, no longer miss the checkpoint.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V8