Guard Tour System – Shenzhen Chuangzhi Valley

Location: Shenzhen Chuangzhi Valley

Project Necessity

  • 1. The authenticity of the security patrol in place and the recorded data cannot be fully grasped.
  • 2. The paper version of patrol check-in and record information is inconvenient to preserve and costs time.
  • 3. Unable to summarize patrol data, unable to facilitate data query and analysis.


With the rapid development and the participation of various large-scale businesses, Rongchuang Chuangzhi valley in Longhu district, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province has achieved unprecedented development. But at the same time, Chuangzhi valley also foresaw the security risks of the business park caused by the sharp increase in the number of people. In order to ensure the security interests of each merchant, Sunac Chuangzhi Valley, Longhu district, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, introduced Shenyang JWM guard tour system reader, professional security guards and professional patrol products, so that its security force like a tiger with extra wing.

Project Introduction

First need to customize according to the group’s most intelligent guard tour patrol system suitable for park patrol, patrol and then according to the need to focus on the location of the installation checkpoint, will patrol rods with every point read each other at the same time, note the location of the various checkpoint in the electronic patrol system, name, and information security personnel, patrol plan in time entry system. When security personnel patrol, they only need to carry the guard tour patrol reader to each checkpoint to read the card and deal with problems in time. After the patrol, they will upload the better patrol data to the computer through the data line. The electronic patrol system will automatically draw a patrol form for managers to view. The patrol form records the time when the security personnel arrive at each point. The situation of missing patrol will be marked out. The patrol result is clear, accurate and clear.

Solve Problems

  • 1. The management personnel shall check the security patrol in place through the background management center to ensure the authenticity of its data records.
  • 2. Electronic information patrol records, making it easier to save and view.
  • 3. Carry out data processing on patrol information, so that managers can analyze data more conveniently and efficiently.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S