Guard Tour System - Shenzhen Airport International Cargo Terminal

Location:Shenzhen Airport International Cargo Terminal


Project Necessity:

1. The warehouse often has over-stocked inventory and flammable items stacked around it. There is no immediate investigation and major safety accidents are prone to occur. 

2. The general patrol system requires patrol officers to upload the data after all patrols are completed, and the administrator cannot receive the data in the first time. 

3. The traditional handwritten registration report is troublesome to record, cannot make accurate and true assessment results, and cannot improve the security inspection awareness of patrolmen.


In order to strengthen the company’s safety management system and clarify safety responsibilities, Shenzhen Airport International Cargo Station has adopted the JWM Cloud Patrol Management System to conduct important indicators for the company’s daily inspections and inspections, and establish a complete patrol system in a timely manner. Effectively prevent hidden dangers and major accidents. 


Project Introduction:

According to the actual patrol requirements of the cargo station, checkpoints will be installed in each key patrol position, and patrol personnel will be arranged at the same time, the patrol time and checkpoint positions will be entered into the management cloud platform, and the guard tour system will automatically organize the patrol plan. When patrolling, patrol personnel hold guard tour patrol system reader to read cards in various locations according to the patrol plan. The guard tour patrol system reader can upload data in real time. The cloud guard patrol system organizes the successful patrol report to be viewed by the administrator. The patrol data is accurate and clear at a glance.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation where hidden dangers occurred around the factory warehouse that could not be checked and resolved in the first time. 

2. Solved the situation that the manager could not receive the patrol report immediately after leaving the company. 

3. It solves the trouble of traditional handwritten registration report records, cannot make accurate and true assessment results, and cannot improve the safety inspection awareness of patrolmen.

Product Introduction: