Guard Tour System - Shenyang North Railway Station

Location:Shenyang North Railway Station


Project Necessity:

1. Monitoring equipment and fire-fighting facilities need to be patrolled for a long time and kept in good condition to ensure their availability at any time. 

2. There are many passengers in the waiting stations and ticket halls, which are prone to conflicts, and there are suspicious persons committing theft. 

3. There is a large flow of people within the station square, and the movement of people and vehicles is complicated, which is likely to cause accidents.


Shenyang North Station is located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. It is a special-class passenger station under the jurisdiction of China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. It is one of the important railway hubs in Northeast China and an important part of the Shenyang Railway Hub. In order to ensure the safe and punctual operation of trains and to ensure the personal and property safety of passengers in the station, Shenyang North Station has introduced the JWM guard patrol management system to manage the work of the station inspection personnel. 

Project Introduction:

The management center application guard tour software system sets up a patrol plan, installs checkpoints, patrol personnel hold guard tour patrol reader, and patrols in accordance with the patrol plan to check whether the safe passage is unblocked and whether there are debris blocked; check whether the lighting and wiring are aging and leakage; check whether the monitoring equipment is damaged; check whether the fire hydrant is corroded and whether it is available at any time; patrol waiting stations and ticket halls to maintain passenger order, and immediately stop any conflicts; patrol whether there are suspicious persons for theft; patrol the square The order of personnel within the scope, the order and safety of patrol vehicle passages. Every time the patrol personnel arrive at a checkpoint, they will check in with the checkpoint with the guard tour patrol reader in their hand. After completing the patrol work, use the data to connect the guard tour patrol reader with the computer of the management center, import the data into the computer, spread sheets.

Solve Problems:

1. Traditional patrols adopt the form of sign-in and leadership spot checks, which are prone to data fraud and are not conducive to the implementation of patrols. 

2. Mobilize the enthusiasm of patrol personnel, increase the frequency of patrols, discover potential safety hazards in time, and solve dangerous factors in the bud. 

3. Form a good security image, which will deter criminals. 

4. The patrol data is formed into an electronic file, which is conducive to data analysis and serves as a reference for future patrol work. 

Product Introduction: