Guard Tour System – Shenyang Metro

Location: Shenyang Metro

Project Necessity

1. Electronic patrol system is an important part of security system. It enables patrol personnel to be in place in time through intelligent management and incident records, reduces the occurrence of safety accidents, eliminates potential safety hazards and provides an important basis for dealing with emergencies.
2. At present, the Metro patrol work in China generally adopts the more traditional recording methods, such as personnel patrol consciously, manual check-in or report by walkie-talkie. This traditional patrol method is not easy to manage personnel, records are easy to fake, and can not immediately solve the problem of finding potential safety hazards.


Shenyang Metro Project is the most invested and large-scale key project in the history of urban construction in Shenyang, and it is also a popular project that attracts much attention from all walks of life. As a research and development manufacturer of guard tour system production, JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd fully cooperates with the construction of Shenyang metro. Through the construction of the Metro project promotes the economic development of Shenyang and promotes the prosperity of the city and social progress. The use of electronic guard tour system can make the Metro passengers feel safer and safer to travel, increase their confidence in the metro, improve the overall image of the metro, and raise the management level to a new level.

Project Introduction

The construction of Metro facilitates the travel of Shenyang citizens. Safety in operation is the most important. This requires a complete safety management system to provide security for the safety of Shenyang metro. In daily patrol, JWM Guard Tour System was adopted on Metro Line 1 in August 2010 to cooperate with patrol personnel. The work guarantees the index of zero problem of metro vehicles before operation, and realizes the scientific and intelligent safety management. At present, Shenyang Metro Line 2 is about to run. In October 2011, JWM Guard Tour System will continue to be used in the patrol safety management. As a manufacturer of Shenyang patrol and inspection, JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd will cooperate with the construction of Shenyang Metro to provide safety guarantee for the trip of Shenyang citizens.

Solve Problems

1. Reduce the phenomenon of security personnel leaving their posts and not arriving in time, and reduce accidents caused by personnel not patrolling in time.
2. Patrol dead corners that cannot be detected by monitoring to reduce the incidence of accidents.
3. The damaged safety articles or things with potential safety hazards can be found in time, and handled in time to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents caused by long-term disrepair.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5