Guard Tour System - Shenyang City Yongle Qingshan Cemetery

Location:Shenyang City Yongle Qingshan Cemetery


Project Necessity:

1. Because the cemetery is special, the administrator cannot know whether the cemetery patrol staff will patrol on time, whether they missed or not patrolled a certain area. 

2. The distribution of the cemetery is next to each other, not all locations have fire-fighting facilities, so if a fire occurs, it is easy to cause a big fire. 

3. In the middle of the night, citizens who pay homage to their loved ones will occasionally come to burn paper, and the patrol officers have no way of knowing that they will not go out to patrol when they are on duty, which may cause hidden dangers.


The Yongle Qingshan Cemetery in Shenyang City is located in Magang Countryside Temple Village, Shenbei New District. It covers an area of 400 acres. The safety of the cemetery is also highly regarded. When relatives come to pay homage to the deceased, they will choose to burn paper money. This can cause fire hazards to a large extent, so the duty of patrol officers in the cemetery is very important.Shenyang City Yongle Qingshan Cemetery uses the JWM guard patrol system to protect the exhibits in the park, which provides a strong guarantee for the park. 

Project Introduction:

The JWM Cloud Patrol System uses scientific methods to manage patrol personnel, and presents the data after the patrol to the manager accurately and clearly, so that the patrol can be followed. The administrator of the cemetery installs checkpoints within the control area according to the actual terrain and other factors, and then reads them through the 4S guard patrol system raeder and each point. The data will be stored in the cloud guard patrol system, and the guard tour patrol reader and the cloud guard patrol software installed Connect the computer, upload the data to the management terminal, note the location name, and then enter the scheduled patrol personnel, patrol time, and cycle into the system at the same time. The system will automatically organize all the information and make a patrol plan. When patrolling, patrol personnel need to hold guard tour patrol system reader to read cards on time at various points and check the surrounding conditions. After the patrol, the data from the guard tour patrol system reader is uploaded to the cloud guard patrol system, and the administrator can view the patrol report through the guard tour patrol software.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation where the administrator could not know whether the cemetery patrol personnel would patrol on time, whether they missed patrolling an area or did not patrol. 

2. Solved the situation that no one discovered the hidden dangers caused by burning paper during the sacrifice. 

3. Solved the situation of no one on duty in the middle of the night. 

4. The situation where the administrator is liberated and does not need to stay in the cemetery. 

5. The sturdy body avoids the transportation cost caused by unnecessary repairs caused by patrol personnel’s negative work and malicious destruction of the guard tour patrol system reader.

Product Introduction: