Guard Tour System – Shenyang Bailian Shopping Center

Location: Shenyang Bailian Shopping Center

Project Necessity

1. Managers can not know whether security personnel is on time to check all locations in accordance with the management system and whether there are omissions or even non-patrol.
2. Shops and fire-fighting facilities in shopping malls have not been inspected for a long time, which leads to the expiration of equipment and no solution to fire hazards.
3. There is a large flow of people in shopping malls, and managers can’t supervise cleaners all the time, which leads to laziness in work, and shopping malls can’t guarantee a clean environment, leaving a bad impression on customers.


Shenyang Bailian Shopping Center is located in the core plate of Shenyang, the central section of the golden corridor, adjacent to Shenyang Municipal Party Committee, municipal government, commercial bank branches, chamber of Commerce headquarters building, real estate building and other government organs, financial enterprises. Shenyang Bailian Shopping Center has been open since 2008 for more than six years, and the sales scale and passenger flow have increased year by year. Shopping mall to create a shopping, catering, entertainment, leisure, culture as one of the integrated business center, to provide consumers with comfortable shopping leisure enjoyment.

Project Introduction

Shenyang Bailian Shopping Center quotes JWM Guard Tour System to manage the safety of shopping malls. Security officers patrol every floor of the shopping mall. Two sets of guard tour patrol devices are arranged in each area. According to the plan of the shopping mall, 100 checkpoints are set up. Security officers, cleaning and patrol officers are equipped with guard tour patrol devices and patrol the checkpoints according to the prescribed time and route. After the patrol, the data will be uploaded to the electronic guard tour management system software of the computer of the shopping mall security center, so as to record and assess the work of security personnel, cleaning and patrol personnel.

Solve Problems

1. Solve the problem that managers can not know whether security personnel patrol according to requirements.
2. Solve the problem that the fire protection facilities in shops and buildings often forget to check, resulting in the equipment can not be used.
3. Solve the problem that cleaning personnel are not cared for, neglect their duties, and fail to dispose of garbage in time, resulting in complaints from shop owners.
4. The shopping mall patrol security can detect the problems and hidden dangers in time by patrolling the Bailian floors according to the plan and can manage on-site in time in case of unexpected events, thus maintaining the business order of the shopping mall.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5