Guard Tour System - Shanxi Shuozhou Telecom Optical Cable Line

Location:Shanxi Shuozhou Telecom Optical Cable Line


Project Necessity:

1. After heavy rains and other special circumstances, the patrolmen are out of their posts and fail to conduct patrols in accordance with regulations, resulting in potential safety hazards. When necessary, the lack of people stationed in the main line section can not ensure the safety of the optical cable line. 

2. In case of emergencies that endanger the safe operation of optical cable lines and their auxiliary facilities, repair personnel cannot quickly and accurately reach the scene. 

3. Patrolmen are too scattered, difficult to manage, and difficult to assess personnel. 

4. Past patrol records are missing and cannot provide correct and reliable data support for the formulation of future patrol plans.


The Shuozhou Branch of Shanxi Telecommunications Company is located in Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province; it mainly operates various international and domestic fixed telecommunications networks and facilities.The JWM security patrol system provides strong security support for Shanxi Telecom Company, ensuring the safety of patrol personnel and optical cables.


Project Introduction:

More than 300 kilometers of optical cable lines are inspected. Each person holds a GPS guard tour system reader and inspects 10 kilometers a day. The CS structure software is adopted. The management center is set in Shuozhou City and manages the subordinate counties and cities.

Solve Problems:

1. Through the management terminal of the control center, set up patrol points, patrol sections and patrol lines in various sections along the optical cable, and deploy the patrol tasks of various maintenance companies. 

2. Realize the real-time monitoring of the patrolmen of the agency maintenance unit and achieve the purpose of centralized management. 

3. Check the optical cable line resource data to obtain more scientific patrol resource data.

Product Introduction: