Guard Tour System-Shanxi Province Yongji Public Security

Location: Shanxi Province Yongji Public Security

Project Necessity

The development of the society needs to be guaranteed by stability, and the primary task of the public security organs is to create a stable and harmonious social security environment. In order to deepen the “peace yongji” to create work, Yongji public security bureau patrol brigade closely combined with the current city’s social security situation, in accordance with the requirements, effectively strengthen public security patrol prevention and control work, to ensure the overall situation of social security continued stability.


JWM patrolling management system through the software, patrol equipment, staff card and concealment type patrolling point to realize the real-time patrol work guidance, scientific command, patrol visualization, evaluation of intelligent construction goal, further improve the level of Yongji city patrol work management information, intellectualized, to patrol system for leading, effective integration of all kinds of police information resources, the formation of global integration, architecture science, distinct, clear responsibility, post to the people, outstanding new utility grid patrol work mechanism.

Project Introduction

Public security bureau to the public security organ’s main duties are to prevent and stop the illegal and criminal activities, maintaining the social peace order, stop activities that endanger public security order, management assembly, procession and demonstration, the supervision and administration of the public information network security supervision and guidance and supervision of state organs, social organizations, enterprises, institutions and key construction project of public security work and guide the public security committee and other mass organizations of public security public security prevention work, etc.

Solve Problems

1. Optimize police allocation, divide the city into three major patrol areas, divide street patrol into three shifts every day, and dispatch 8 police officers per shift.
2. Organize mobile patrol teams around key areas, routes, and locations, and effectively maintain public security and stability on the basis of 24 hours of continuous patrol and prevention and control.
3. In view of the actual situation of public security, we formulated a scientific implementation plan for patrol prevention and control, arranged patrol points in densely populated places, major road sections and areas prone to crime, strengthened patrol control, enhanced the intensity and density of patrol control, and made every effort to improve the police visibility rate and the current catch rate on the street, so as to enhance the sense of security of the masses.
4. Strengthen information collection and highlight accurate prevention and control. According to the statistics of patrol data, the police can conduct patrols around the vulnerable places, effectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of patrol control, increase safety control, and enhance public satisfaction.
5. Automatically make statistics of patrol data according to conditions, so as to facilitate the command center to inquire about the work of patrol.

Product Introduction

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