Guard Tour System – Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Location: Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Project Necessity

1. Traditional patrols are more likely to be counterfeited, and the patrol data are not true, which is not conducive to patrol.
2. In case of emergencies, it is impossible to inform the management center in time and formulate emergency measures.
3. It is impossible to collect patrol data and to query and analyze them conveniently.


Shanghai Pudong International Airport, located in the coastal zone of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, is one of the two major international airports in Shanghai. It is about 30 kilometers away from the center of Shanghai and 52 kilometers away from Hongqiao Airport. It is also known as the three major international airports in China as Beijing Capital International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport. Passenger throughput in 2014 was 51.6618 million. JWM Guard Tour System helps Pudong Airport to ensure the safety of domestic and foreign tourists.

Project Introduction

Shanghai Pudong International Airport quotes JWM Guard Tour System to manage the airport security order. The application guard tour software system of the management center sets up patrol plan, installs checkpoints, and security personnel carry out WM5000V4S RFID Guard Tour Reader in accordance with the patrol plan to check whether the safe passage is smooth and whether there is any blockage of debris; whether the monitoring equipment is damaged; whether the fire hydrant is rusted or not, and whether it is available at any time; maintain passenger order, prevent the occurrence of conflict immediately; patrol whether there are suspected persons to steal; patrol personnel order inside and outside the hall. Every time a security guard arrives at a checkpoint, he will use his guard patrol tour reader to punch in the checkpoint to ensure that all checkpoints are normal.

Solve Problems

1. Mobilize the enthusiasm of patrol personnel, increase the frequency of patrol, timely discover potential safety hazards, and solve the risk factors in the bud.
2. Form a good security image and deter illegal elements.
3. Patrol data form electronic archives, which is conducive to the analysis of data and plays a reference role in future patrol work.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S