Guard Tour System – Shanghai Metro

Location: Shanghai Metro

Project Necessity

1. With the rapid development of the national economy and urbanization, more and more large and medium-sized cities have built subways. The substantial improvement of urban subway construction has played an important role in alleviating urban transportation pressure, improving public travel and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction projects, and has played a vital role in promoting the rapid development of urban economy and society.
2. However, as an important means of modernization in the history of mankind, the subway has brought us convenient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly modes of travel. At the same time, there are many unforeseen security issues, such as: terrorist attacks, subway derailment, landslides, power failure, car fire or malfunction of the ventilation system, etc.


Shanghai Metro, also known as Shanghai Rail Transit, refers to the urban rail transit system serving Shanghai, China. It is also one of the 17 members of the International Metro Union. Its first line was officially opened on May 28, 1993. It is mainland China. Block 3 opens the city where the subway is operated. As of March 2018, the Shanghai Metro has opened 16 subway lines and 1 magnetic levitation. The total length of the entire network is 673 kilometers and 395 stations. The operating mileage ranks first in China and ranks first in the world.The Shanghai Metro introduced the JWM Guard Tour System to assist the patrol staff of all lines of the Shanghai Metro.

Project Introduction

Shanghai Metro introduced JWM subway guard tour patrol management system to strengthen the operation safety management of the station. The management personnel used the guard tour management system software to set up the patrol plan, install the checkpoint, and the subway patrol personnel carried out patrol work according to the plan requirements, and checked the monitoring of each equipment. Fire hydrants, hoses, water guns and other equipment to ensure that they are within the scope of maintenance, and no debris accumulation, easy to access, flexible use of alarm equipment, emergency broadcast, fire damper control devices, ticket gates and other safety fire prevention facilities are normal and easy to use. At the peak of the morning and evening, the subway patrol personnel increased the patrol density, and the passengers encountered conflicts in a timely manner, and the unexpected situation was dealt with in a timely manner.

Solve Problems

1. The traditional attendance adopts the check-in patrol method, which can be signed or replaced at one time, and can not play a real assessment role.
2. Each checkpoint card has a time record, you can control the patrol speed of the subway patrol personnel to ensure the quality of patrol.
3. Vanguard 8 RFID Guard Tour System Reader has a long-distance card reading function, the checkpoint is installed in a location that is not easily accessible, neither affecting the patrol personnel to read the card, but also avoiding the checkpoint being artificially destroyed.
4. A rigorous patrol system can detect hidden dangers in time, avoid accidents, affect the normal operation of trains, and cause loss of personal property.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V8