Guard Tour System – Shanghai Jiangsu Hotel

Location:Shanghai Jiangsu Hotel

Project Necessity

1. Hotel is a comprehensive service enterprise which provides accommodation, catering, entertainment, shopping and other services for consumers. It is also a living base for consumers to travel, business, meetings and other activities.
2. For guests, hotel products are not only the beds in the rooms and the food in the restaurants but also the pleasure and comfort they enjoy when consuming these material products. But in the final analysis, the cornerstone of the pleasure, comfort and satisfaction of the guests is the safety of hotel products, and the lack of a safe hotel not only satisfies the unsatisfactory ones but also satisfies the unsatisfactory ones. The basic needs of the guests will also pose a threat to the safety of the guests, but also bring irreparable losses to the hotel.


Shanghai Jiangsu Hotel is located in Wuning Road, Shanghai that is 85 meters high and has 23 floors. There are 207 different types of rooms. It can receive 300 people to hold all kinds of conferences and exhibitions at the same time. Jiangsu Hotel quotes JWM Guard Tour Hotel Management System to provide security services for hotel guests. The hotel has a good impression in the eyes of the guests and correspondingly improves the service quality of the hotel.

Project Introduction

JWM Guard Tour Hotel Management System provides strong security service support for Shanghai Jiangsu Hotel. According to the characteristics of the hotel, the management center installs checkpoints in the main entrance, front desk, restaurant, fire channel and other places that need to be inspected and in the blind areas where the surveillance is conducted. By setting up patrol plan with background guard tour management software, the security guard scans checkpoints after arriving at the designated location at the designated time, and the guard tour patrol reader automatically records the name of the location and the arrival time, so as to realize the record and assessment management of the security work.

Solve Problems

1. Inspection according to plan can prevent theft, fire and safety incidents while checking fire access, elevators, corridors and other locations of the hotel for anomalies, damage or malfunction.
2. Check the fire automatic alarm system, hydrant system, sprinkler system, smoke control and smoke exhaust system and other fire fighting facilities in the hotel according to the plan to ensure that the facilities are in good condition and can play their due role.
3. Inspection according to plan can deal with general safety, fire cases and customer complaints. In case of emergency, timely contact with the hotel lobby manager, and quickly mobilize personnel to deal with.
4. Make the inspection records available to check, prevent hotel staff from missing tours, improve safety awareness, and achieve scientific and modern management.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5