Guard Tour System - Shandong Chenxi Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Location:Shandong Chenxi Petrochemical Co., Ltd.


Project Necessity:

1. Workshop equipment often continues to run unattended, causing unnecessary waste, even damage to equipment, and increasing costs. 

2. Chemical plants are a high-risk industry, and fire-fighting facilities often forget to check and cause equipment to expire or damage, and there is no solution to the danger. 

3. The manager cannot know whether the patrol personnel go to each equipment to check on time according to the schedule.


Shandong Chenxi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is located in the supporting base of Lingang Industrial Ju County, with a total planned area of 4000 mu. Chenxi Group has also been identified by the Shandong Provincial Government as a key industrial enterprise in Shandong Province and the largest petrochemical industry base in Southeast Shandong. In order to achieve safe production, Shandong Chenxi Petrochemical Co., Ltd adopts scientific and high-tech patrol products — JWM guard tour system, to conduct all-round patrol 24 hours a day. Prevent accidents, protect personal and property safety. 

Project Introduction:

The manager installs checkpoints in accordance with the actual situation of the factory and the equipment that needs to be inspected, arranges patrol personnel, sets patrol time, enters all information into the cloud guard tour patrol system, and the system automatically makes a patrol plan. When patrolling, patrol personnel need to hold guard tour patrol system reader to read cards in various locations on time according to the patrol plan, and technically deal with problems. After the patrol, upload the data stored in the guard tour patrol system reader to the management center, and the system will draw a patrol report for the manager to view and manage The user can receive the patrol report in real time on the mobile phone or computer cloud guard tour patrol system software, which can be viewed without having to be in the company, which facilitates the management and control of the patrol personnel by the manager and ensures the safety of the plant.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation of equipment damage and waste due to unattended workshop equipment. 

2. It solves the situation that fire protection facilities often forget to check and expire or damage. 

3. Solved the situation where the manager could not know that the patrol was patrolling 4. Solved the situation that managers must stay in the factory area to view the patrol status.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S