Guard Tour System – Shaanxi Qingshuichuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.

Location: Shaanxi Qingshuichuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.

Project Necessity:

1. Leaders of various departments are not properly inspected, and staff members cannot be effectively supervised.
2. The traditional patrol handwritten report is not only troublesome, easy to cheat, but also cannot be kept for a long time.
3. The ordinary guard tour patrol system needs to upload the data manually after the patrol ends, and the administrator cannot know the patrol situation in time.


Shaanxi Qingshuichuan Power Generation Co., Ltd. is a large-scale power enterprise and is currently the largest coal-fired power plant project in Shaanxi Province.In order to effectively eliminate hidden safety hazards, Shaanxi Qingshuichuan Power Generation Co., Ltd uses the JWM Guard Tour Patrol System APP to help patrol officers to conduct daily patrols, timely discover and plug loopholes, and reduce unsafe factors.

Project Introduction:

According to the actual management needs of the power plant, the system is divided into two patrol plans, one is the patrol plan for the leader to check in attendance, and the other is the power plant safety patrol plan.
Install the QR code checkpoints in different patrol positions, and enter the names of the QR code positions and the time required to patrol into the cloud guard tour patrol management system. The system will automatically organize the checkpoints, time and personnel according to their respective plans, patrol plan.
Patrol personnel use the Dr. J guard tour patrol system reader to scan the code at various locations according to the time of the patrol plan, and the system will record the scan time. The patrol data will be uploaded, and the management center will automatically organize the patrol data and draw it into a table for managers to view. The patrol records are more accurate and the patrol situation is clear at a glance.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the situation that the department leadership supervision work can not make effective evaluation.
2. Solved the situation that it is impossible to know whether the patrol personnel patrolled according to the requirements, whether they missed or not patrolled.
3. Solved the situation that the ordinary guard tour patrol APP cannot be used in special environments such as power plants.
4. Solve the situation that the traditional patrol handwriting report records are troublesome, easy to cheat, and cannot be kept for a long time.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000PH6