Guard Tour System – Sanjiang Mandatory Drug Isolation Center

Location: Sanjiang Mandatory Drug Isolation Center

Project Necessity:

Drug rehab is a special place, and the inspectors must make regular and periodic visits and inspections.
According to the regulations, daily rounds are required, but there are too many rooms, and occasionally there are missing areas.
When the person in charge leaves rehab to go out, cannot know patrol more person whether to press a request patrol more.


When mentioning mandatory isolation centers, most people think of the prison, but for drug addicts, it can save their bodies and minds. Drug policemen shoulder the education, management, and maintenance of drug addicts and stable mission. Thus, in order to prevent drug addicts from being affected by external things and ensure the safety of drug treatment centers, the JWM guard tour system was introduced.

Project Introduction:

First, the checkpoints will be installed on the patrol route. Then use WM-5000V8 to read the checkpoints, make sure the position name and the plan has been added into the JWM Cloud Software. The guard tour system will automatically set tour plan, the leader only need to develop, director of patrolling and cycle time. Patrol officers patrol as planned, patrol more data will be uploaded after the end of the cloud patrol more system will patrol more data automatically drawn into a table for the person in charge to see.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the occurrence of daily missed patrol and wrong patrol by patrol personnel to ensure more effective patrol;
2. Solved the problem that there were too many rooms in the drug treatment center and the patrol personnel were not in place;
3. Solved the problem that when the person in charge of the drug control center left the drug control center, he or she could not check the accurate patrol data or know the patrol status;
4. The double-power reading card of patrol 8 long-distance patrol machine reduces the patrol distance of patrol personnel. Some positions can be clearly seen, so there is no need to climb high or go far to patrol, which reduces the work of patrol personnel.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V8