Guard Tour System Role and Significance

Compared with the traditional patrol system, the advantages of the guard tour system are as follows:

1. Real-time tracking, recording, and observation to ensure the authenticity of personnel
Carry out real-time data statistics for the staff, record the work status, attendance status and working status of all staff, including the completion of the work plan, professional training status, etc. At the same time, GPS, BlueTooth, RFID, and other multiple position verification methods to ensure that the patrol personnel in place. At the same time, it supports the preservation and backup of the original data, provides the historical track playback, and can retrieve the historical working data at any time, carry out the whole process reproduction of each workgroup, and realize the intelligent statistical analysis of the data.

2. Timely handling and analysis of hidden dangers
Problems arise, the intelligent guard management first hint for the processing and scheduling management, timely processing, hidden trouble can be mastered combination of map and data distribution at the same time, adjust area patrolling, real-time control of the focus, to prevent hidden trouble arrangement.

3. Real-time tracking of mobile terminal and visualization of the whole patrol process
The guard patrol system can not only display and use the computer but also support the mobile phone. The manager can see the working status, GPS status, communication status and other aspects of the device at each time point on the mobile phone.

4. Organize according to the analysis report
The guard tour system can automatically generate daily patrol reports, monthly patrol reports, schedule, warranty work order, attendance sheet, hidden trouble type table and trend analysis required by management personnel, and can be exported for use.