Guard Tour System - Quanzhou Public Security System

Location:Quanzhou Public Security System


Project Necessity:

1. The management center cannot know whether the patrol is patrolling in accordance with the requirements and cannot assess the patrol track. 

2. In case of an emergency, it cannot be resolved and cannot be reported in time. 

3. The patrol data is huge, and it is difficult to organize and evaluate.


The JWM intelligent guard tour system is aimed at the current social development and economic environment in Quanzhou, and provides a stable guarantee for the development of public security. The first priority of public security organs is to create a stable and harmonious social security environment, and implement dynamics on street and community 24 hours a day The service mode of public security management and control realizes the establishment of an effective patrol prevention and control system based on scientific and technological communications, unified command, first reception of police, garrison on the street, linkage of all police, and rapid response.

Project Introduction:

First install the QR checkpoint in the patrol area specified by the patrol officer, GPS positioning, and use the guard tour system management software to set the ID number of the QR code label and the coordinate point position to “the actual location name”. According to the actual patrol management requirements, the corresponding patrol time (patrol plan) is set through the intelligent patrol system software. Then distribute the Dr. J guard tour patrol raeder to the patrol officer. The patrol officer holds the guard tour patrol raeder to the designated location, scans the QR code with the guard tour patrol raeder, or senses the GPS coordinates, the guard tour patrol raeder will automatically record the name and At the time of arrival, the hidden troubles can be sent to the management center through typing, voice, pictures, video, etc. The system automatically organizes the data into inspection reports, which are counted in the form of days, months, and years, providing managers with a scientific and effective evaluation basis.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation where the patrol police could not be effectively assessed. 

2. Resolved the situation that cannot be reported in time when encountering unexpected situations during the patrol. 

3. Solved the situation of huge daily inspection data and difficulty in sorting out assessments.

Product Introduction: