Guard Tour System - Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple Scenic Area

Location:Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple Scenic Area


Project Necessity:

1. Whether the security personnel conduct patrol according to the required time cannot be assessed.
2. The management center cannot control the security patrol in real time.
3. In case of emergencies, the management center cannot be notified in time.


The People’s Court of Shuangliao City, Jilin Province, in order to effectively strengthen the safety and security work of the court, standardize internal management, maintain the normal working order and living order of the agency, prevent and stop the occurrence of various unsafe accidents, and ensure the safety of the office and living areas. The People’s Court of Shuangliao City specially introduced JWM cloud guard tour patrol management system.


Project Introduction:

The Dakaiyuan Temple scenic spot introduces the JWM guard tour patrol management system to conduct daily scenic patrol management. The Polaris 6 GPS guard tour system reader is selected. In some key areas that must be patrolled, the administrator collects the longitude and latitude information of the location through the GPS guard tour system reader, and then passes The software edits these information and then downloads it to the GPS guard tour patrol system reader. In this way, the location name will be displayed directly when arriving at the location during patrol. For locations without GPS signals indoors, checkpoints are installed to collect patrol information. The trajectory patrol mode of Polaris 6 can record the location information of patrol personnel to form a trajectory. The planned route patrol is clear at a glance. In case of emergencies, patrol personnel can use the camera function of the GPS guard tour system reader to take pictures of the scene and upload them to the management department to facilitate the management department to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

Solve Problems:

1. Strict and formal patrols in scenic spots can effectively deter tourists in scenic spots and prevent scribbling and destruction of scenic spots. 

2. The GPS guard tour system reader has a one-key alarm function. In the event of an emergency, it can be quickly notified to the management department to ensure the safety of the scenic spot and patrol personnel. 

3. Changed the patrol mode of the sign-in scenic spot. All patrol data are uploaded to the computer of the management department, and the form is automatically generated, which greatly saves the time of personnel attendance. 

4. The patrol setting that combines GPS track playback and checkpoints is not only suitable for the actual natural environment of the Dakaiyuan Temple scenic spot, but also better for effective control of the patrol route and time.

Product Introduction: