Guard Tour System – Petrochina Jilin Petrochemical

Location: Petrochina Jilin Petrochemical Co., LTD

Project Necessity

1. Patrol in place to confirm the way is not scientific, easy to be modified and no electronic management, serious favoritism fraud.
2. Patrol personnel leave their posts without authorization. During the patrol, they cannot timely find the changes and damages of the safety protection facilities such as the fence, barbed wire, alarm and monitoring outside the factory and reservoir area. Missing patrol and wrong patrol occur from time to time, and the patrol result cannot be supervised and guaranteed; failure to carry out key patrols and patrol on key departments on time cannot effectively prevent theft, damage and handle outstanding incidents.
3. Check-in tools are easily damaged and need to be replaced regularly; the paper work is complicated and time-consuming, the records are difficult to identify, and the data cannot be effectively analyzed, so it is difficult to trace and review the historical records.


Petrochina Jilin Petrochemical Company is located in Jilin city in the northeast, is a concentration of oil refining, rubber/synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, synthetic ammonia/syngas in a very large integrated oil chemical production enterprises, is building the country during the period of “five” to “three root” marked the first large-scale chemical industry base. Focus on safe and stable production, strengthen production command and control, strengthen basic work, strengthen personnel training, how to ensure production safety is the top priority. JWM guard tour patrol system for Petrochina Jilin Petrochemical Co., LTD to provide a strong security support, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Project Introduction

JWM guard tour patrol system, standardized the patrol management process, strengthen the supervision of patrol work. In advance, the factory and the warehouse area outside the fence, barbed wire, alarm, monitoring and other security protection facilities and key departments to install fixed checkpoints, through the background guard tour system software set up patrol personnel, time, task, patrol plan, patrol personnel’s work for quantitative assessment. When the patrol personnel arrive at the checkpoint, they will scan the checkpoint with the guard tour system patrol reader, which will automatically record the patrol time, patrol position, patrol personnel and other relevant information. After the end of the patrol, the management personnel will automatically analyze and intelligently process the information through the data connection computer management system, so as to retain the detailed information and realize the scientific management and supervision of the patrol personnel.

Solve Problems

1. The guard tour system is applied in Petrochina Jilin Petrochemical Co., LTD production workshop to judge whether the patrol personnel can reach the designated position according to the patrol requirements, check and record the patrol information, and accurately reflect whether the patrol personnel are qualified to arrive, late or early.
2. Patrol lines can be set according to different needs of each department to ensure the clarity and consistency of patrol information. Summarize and analyze patrol data, assess patrol status, and display in charts and other forms to facilitate managers to query statistics.
3. B/S guard tour patrol management software is adopted to realize unified management and maintenance of data. Patrol data of each department can be uploaded to the server under different identities in their respective departments to realize unified management of patrol situation of different departments.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000ES