Guard Tour System – Ordos City New Saint Natural Gas Pipeline

Location: Ordos City New Saint Natural Gas Pipeline

Project Necessity:

1. The fire control facilities in the factory area have been forgotten to check for a long time, resulting in expiration or damage, leaving hidden danger.
2. The environment of coking plant has high requirements on guard tour patrol reader, and ordinary patrol equipment cannot adapt to the harsh patrol environment such as high temperature and dust.
3. Natural gas has the characteristics of high energy and high pressure, inflammable and explosive, toxic and harmful. Once leakage occurs, it will cause a large number of casualties and serious property losses, which is of great harm.


Natural gas pipeline route banner area, the project is completed in two phases: Sumitu – Hangjinqi – Dongsheng Area, the total length of the pipeline is 220 km;2. Dongsheng District — Daqi — Junge Banner, with a total length of 150 kilometers. Location distribution: Along the Su-Dong control line (Etok Banner, Hangjin Banner, Ejin Horo Banner, Dongsheng District, Dalat Banner, Junge Banner) In order to standardize the management of production safety, improve the management of production safety personnel, and improve the safety factor of production safety, the intelligent guard tour patrol management system is introduced.

Project Introduction:

The two operation areas have a total of 11 transmission stations, 11 stations are equipped with 11 vehicle-mounted guard patrol reader and 35 GPS handheld guard tour system patrol reader, which patrol according to the track mode. Guard tour system patrol reader will automatically record the track of patrol by line workers, and the track information will be transmitted to the pipeline center through GPRS in real time. The management center can keep track of the work of each line inspector at any time.

Solve Problems:

1. The Security Management Department arranges checkpoints for patrol positions and makes patrol plans and patrol personnel. It realizes the unified management and quantitative assessment of patrol officers, avoids the time waste and data fraud caused by manual data sorting, and improves the patrol officers’ awareness of safety responsibility.
2. Ensure that the patrol personnel inspect key hazards, equipment and production site noise as required, and judge the operation and environmental status of production equipment according to observation parameters, so as to keep the equipment in the optimal operation state. At the same time, the abnormal situation, emergency treatment and real-time report, to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
3. Ensure that the patrol personnel inspect the fire fighting equipment regularly, record the problems found in the check in a timely manner, and require the responsible department to rectify, to ensure that all the fire fighting equipment are in good working condition.

Product Introduction:

Model: Intelligent Guard Tour Management System