Guard Tour System – Ningbo Mustang Battery Co., Ltd

Location: Ningbo Mustang Battery Co., Ltd

Project Necessity

1. It is not possible to check whether security personnel patrol at the required time.
2. The manager is unable to supervise the patrol personnel effectively, and it is impossible to know if the patrol personnel are late, leave early or miss the patrol.
3. In case of emergency, the management center cannot be notified in time.


Ningbo Mustang Battery Co., Ltd is an enterprise of electronic components and components, which has been approved and registered by relevant departments of the state, and its main business is battery. In order to ensure that every patrol personnel can perform their duties, JWM guard tour patrol management system has been introduced As an important part of the security technology system. JWM patrol management system ensures strict and effective work and can respond to emergencies as soon as possible by patrolling on time “and” according to the routes within a reasonable set the time. It also guarantees the safety of patrol personnel.

Project Introduction

Since Mustang Battery Co., Ltd manufactures batteries that are flammable and explosive, security patrols are essential. In some key areas that must be patrolled, managers will collect the latitude and longitude information of the location through GPS guard tour patrol reader, edit and process the information through guard tour system software, and then download it to the GPS patrol system. In this way, the location name will be directly displayed when arriving at the location during the patrol. For the location without GPS signal indoors, checkpoints will be installed to collect patrol information, and the location information of security personnel can be recorded to form a track, so that it is clear whether the security personnel patrol the route as planned. In case of emergency, security personnel can take photos of the scene with the camera function of the patrol inspector and upload them to the management department to facilitate the management department to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

Solve Problems

1. Strict formal factory patrol can effectively identify hidden dangers.
2. The guard tour system reader has a one-button alarm function, which can quickly inform the management department in case of emergency, so as to ensure the safety of the factory and security personnel.
3. The patrol mode of check in has been changed. All patrol data are uploaded to the computer of the management department and forms are automatically generated, which greatly saves the time of staff attendance.
4. The patrol setting combining GPS track playback and checkpoints is adopted to better control the patrol route and time.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P6