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Project Necessity:

1. The traditional patrol system cannot guarantee whether the patrol personnel patrol is in place or not.
2. The traditional guard patrol system needs to upload the patrol data together after the patrol is finished, so the manager cannot know the patrol situation immediately.
3. When the manufacturer’s equipment has problems, no one discovers it in time, which leads to equipment damage and brings huge cost to the company.


Ningbo Jiamei Machinery Technology Co., LTD is a collection of dust-free machinery research and development, production, sales as one of the professional enterprises, Ningbo is one of the high-tech enterprises, dust saw industry leader. Jiamei Machinery Technology Co., LTD the introduction of JWM guard tour system APP, through intelligent centralized management can ensure conscientious patrol personnel, the reasonable set period of time, on time, on route to the factory inspect all areas, to ensure precise and effective inspection work, in the case of emergencies, to ensure the safety of factory and all employees.

Project Introduction:

The manager shall install QR code checkpoints according to the environment of the factory and the locations that need to be inspected, mark the location information of the qr code checkpoints in the data as the location name, and upload the name of patrol personnel and patrol time to the guard tour system, and the system will automatically make the patrol plan.
When patrol personnel patrol, mobile phone patrol APP needs to scan the code of each QR code checkpoint and check whether there is any hidden danger around. guard tour system patrol APP will upload the data to the management center, and the system will draw a patrol report based on the uploaded data. The manager can receive the patrol report indirectly at the first time by installing the mobile phone or computer of patrol management APP.

Solve Problems:

1. Resolved a situation in which managers were unable to know if patrol officers were following instructions.
2. Solved the patrol personnel because of negative work and the occurrence of missed patrol, wrong patrol.
3. Solved the problem of equipment damage and increased cost caused by frequent failure to inspect equipment.

Product Introduction:

Model: Wepatrol