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Project Necessity

In the production of printing enterprises, the raw materials are mostly ink and paper products, which are highly inflammable. At the same time, the most important equipment in printing enterprises is the printing press. Because there may be a large number of easily ignited items in the printing production line, once the open flame enters, it is highly likely to cause fire and bring huge losses to the enterprises. Therefore, we need to be more vigilant in daily fire prevention. We should always pay attention to the safety of the production site, especially the open flame or fire source must not be brought into the production site. Therefore, in addition to daily production safety training for employees, printing enterprises also need to reduce safety risks through supervision and maintenance.


Ningbo Changjiang Printing Industry Development Co., LTD has two different high-tech corrugated box and color packaging and printing production lines as well as all kinds of imported offset printing machines and other supporting equipment. In order to protect the factory from fire hazards, the company introduced the “code cloud” cloud guard tour patrol management system. JWM guard tour patrol system for Ningbo Changjiang Printing Industry Development Co., LTD to provide a strong security support, to ensure the security of personnel.

Project Introduction

Checkpoints should be installed in high-risk areas prone to fire and locations with safety hazards. Patrol plans should be set up according to the fire prevention inspection system, and on-site patrol personnel should be stipulated to form a safety patrol system integrating time, place, personnel, plan and data. At the same time, managers can keep track of the patrol situation anytime and anywhere, which not only realizes mobile management, but also better carries out safety assessment through cloud computing to prevent fire hazards before they occur.

Solve Problems

1. The management personnel manage through the background guard tour patrol software, make patrol plans, define patrol routes and patrol personnel and other functions, greatly improve the patrol efficiency.
2. Through the unified management of data, reduce the time waste caused by manual data sorting, put an end to data fraud.
3. Improve the quality of patrol and inspection intensity, to patrol seriously, inspection in place, found problems to deal with in time, reduce the potential safety hazards.
4. Through the patrol system, the patrol information is analyzed to provide useful information for the patrol work, and the corresponding strategies are formulated to solve the problem in the bud and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Product Introduction

Model: Cloud Guard Tour System