Guard Tour System – Nanjing Nari Group

Location: Nanjing Nari Group

Project Necessity:

1. The manager cannot know whether the patrol personnel are patrolling according to the requirements, and whether there are missed or wrong patrols.
2. Hidden dangers in the warehouse cannot be discovered in time, and abnormalities cannot be effectively responded to.
3. The group forbids carrying mobile phones, and cannot find solutions to problems and cannot contact the management center.


While rapidly promoting intensive reforms, Nanjing Nanrui Group found that there are still many modern technologies that have not been fully applied to the management of material warehouse patrols and inventory management. Therefore, the Group introduced the JWM intelligent guard tour patrol system to try to realize the inventory, security patrol, remote video monitoring functions of the company’s material warehouse for the power material storage patrol and inventory work, as well as accurate and convenient analysis of material reserves. Strengthen and improve the accuracy of the inventory of materials and the security level of the reservoir area, make the storage system seamlessly connected, and improve the emergency response capability of power materials.

Project Introduction:

First of all, it is necessary to customize the intelligent guard tour system that is most suitable for the company’s patrol according to the actual situation of the group, and then install the two-dimensional code checkpoint or GPS coordinate acquisition point according to the location of the key patrol, and enter it into the management center, and enter the patrol personnel and the patrol needs. Time, the intelligent guard tour system will automatically draw into a patrol plan, patrol track map.
When patrolling, patrol personnel only need to hold the guard tour patrol reader to patrol according to the patrol plan or electronic map. The patrol system will draw patrol records based on the patrol information automatically uploaded during the patrol for managers to view. The patrol records are accurate and clear at a glance.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the situation that the manager can not know whether the patrol personnel patrol according to the requirements, whether there are missed patrols, wrong patrols, etc.
2. Solved the situation that hidden dangers in the warehouse could not be discovered in time, and abnormalities could not be made to respond effectively.
3. Solved the situation that the patrolman could not carry the mobile phone during work, and could not contact the management center in time if there was a problem.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000PH6