Guard Tour System – Nanjing Metro

Location: Nanjing Metro

Project Necessity

1. The electronic guard tour patrol system is an important part of the security system. It enables patrol personnel to be in place through intelligent management and event recording, which reduces the occurrence of security incidents, eliminates security risks and provides an important treatment for emergencies in accordance with.
2. At present, the domestic subway patrol work generally adopts more traditional recording methods such as personnel patrolling, manual sign-in or reporting through the walkie-talkie. This traditional patrol method is not easy to manage personnel, the record is easy to falsify and it is not possible to find the safety hazard immediately to solve the problem.


The first line of the Nanjing Metro was officially opened on May 15, 2005, making Nanjing the sixth city in mainland China to open a subway, and the only profitable urban rail transit in mainland China. As of May 2018, Nanjing Metro has opened 10 operating lines, with a maximum daily passenger traffic of 3.741 million passengers, ranking fifth in China. The patrol is one of the important tasks to ensure the safety of the subway on time. The Nanjing Metro introduced the JWM Guard Tour System to assist the patrol staff of all lines of the Nanjing Metro.

Project Introduction

The management center uses the guard tour software system to develop the patrol plan, install the checkpoints, and patrol the entire line every 72 hours. The speed of the patrol personnel is within 3 kilometers per hour to ensure the quality of the patrol. The patrol personnel are in the patrol. During the work, hit the track to determine if the screw is loose and handle it in time. Some spacing iron, guard rail bolts, guard rail inserts, easy to loose or pop when the train vibrates, will affect the normal operation of the train, and find hidden dangers in time. The heart of the outer road is very weak. Every time you check, you should pay attention to it, because it will produce a block after the impact of the wheel. If the block reaches a certain size and depth, it will be replaced in time.

Solve Problems

1. The traditional attendance adopts the check-in patrol method, which can be signed or replaced at one time, and can not play a real assessment role.
2. Each checkpoint has a time record, which can control the patrol speed of the patrol personnel to ensure the quality of the patrol.
3. The guard tour system reader has its own lighting function. It does not need to wear a flashlight when patrolling in the tunnel.
4. A rigorous patrol system can detect hidden dangers in time, avoid accidents, affect the normal operation of trains, and cause loss of personal property.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S