Guard Tour System - Nanjing Agricultural University

Location:Nanjing Agricultural University


Project Necessity:

1. The security personnel are negligent in their duties, and the managers cannot achieve effective supervision and evaluation. 2. Security guards cannot carry mobile phones during patrols, and cannot contact the management center in time if problems are found. 3. Traditional paper patrol reports are troublesome to record, not easy to save, and difficult to check and waste time.


Nanjing Agricultural University is located in Nanjing. It is a national key university with advantages and characteristics of agriculture and life sciences. In order to further enhance the campus safety management system and improve the level of security patrol management, Nanjing Agricultural University introduced the JWM electronic guard tour patrol system to improve the quality of campus environmental sanitation and cleaning, ensure the normal use of campus infrastructure, and create a clean and safe campus for teachers, students and employees surroundings. 

Project Introduction:

According to the actual situation of the campus, the administrator installs checkpoints at each location that needs to be patrolled, and then sets the checkpoint after sensing with the patrol machine as the name of the corresponding position through the electronic guard tour patrol system, and sets the position of the checkpoint, The patrol time, period, and names of patrol officers are entered into the cloud guard tour patrol system to make a patrol plan. When patrolling, security personnel need to hold the guard tour patrol system reader to read the card at each checkpoint according to the patrol plan. The guard tour patrol system reader automatically stores the card reading location and time and uploads the data to the management center in real time. The alarm function and voice call function of the replacement machine get in touch with the management center as soon as possible. The electronic guard tour patrol system will automatically organize the data into a patrol report for managers to view.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the situation that the security personnel neglect their duties and the managers can not achieve effective supervision and evaluation. 

2. Solved the situation that the security patrol cannot carry the mobile phone, and the management center cannot be contacted in time when the problem is found. 

3. It solves the problems of traditional paper-based patrol report records that are troublesome, difficult to save, and difficult to check and waste time.

Product Introduction: