Guard Tour System – Mudanjiang Nanshan Hospital

Location: Mudanjiang Nanshan Hospital

Project Necessity:

Hospital administrators could not know whether the staff was on time for rounds or if they had missed them that day.
The hospital has a large number of people every day, and the security guards often need to go to various locations of the hospital for inspection. However, the management cannot effectively supervise the security guards’ inspection.
Although the traditional patrol machine can record the patrol situation of medical staff and security guards, it cannot avoid the lazy staff seeking substitute training.


Nanshan Hospital is the largest tertiary psychiatric hospital in the southeast of Heilongjiang province, integrating medical treatment, prevention, teaching, scientific research, and rehabilitation. It is mainly responsible for the reception and treatment of mental patients in the forest industry and agricultural reclamation systems in Mudanjiang, Jixi, and Qitai rivers and the functions of mental health and mental health services for 2.8 million people in Mudanjiang district. A hospital is a place where every minute counts. Once the medical staff is not patroling on time, it is likely to miss the best time to treat the patients. In order to avoid this situation, Nanshan hospital decided to introduce the JWM guard tour system.

Project Introduction:

Through timely patrol, use the WM-5000X1 reader to read the checkpoints at each location for the designated personnel can timely understand the site situation, find problems, and timely record. In order to strengthen the on-site safety management and ensure the order and safety of all departments and buildings in the hospital, Mudanjiang Nanshan Hospital introduced the JWM guard tour system. This system sets the patrol plan according to the hospital handover and security system and sets the patrol point in the important position of each floor of the hospital. Security personnel is required to patrol the hospital 24 hours a day and patrol key locations. The system ensures that the security personnel patrol according to the position on time, and the medical personnel inspect and patrol each bed according to the plan, realizing the scientific nurse inspection management and security management plan.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the problem that the hospital manager could not know whether the medical staff made rounds on time or whether there was any missing check;
2. Solved that the manager could not effectively supervise the security patrol;
3. Solved the traditional patrol machine can not be effective supervision of patrol personnel.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000X1