Guard Tour System - Moon Altar Art Exhibition

Location:Moon Altar Art Exhibition


Project Necessity:

1. There are many crowds of visitors, and visitors can easily destroy the artwork.
2. The doors, windows, showcases, and exhibits on the ground and underground cannot be patrolled on time to check whether there are any abnormalities, changes or damage or loss. In case of emergency, it is impossible to contact the team leader in time and mobilize personnel to deal with it quickly.
3. The inspection records are undocumented, and security personnel are prone to be lazy, causing safety hazards.


Yuetan Yaji Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Exhibition, operated by Beijing Yuetan Yaji Cultural Development Co., Ltd., is located at the southeast corner of Yuetan. It gathers handicraft masters and their hand-crafted masterpieces to protect and educate traditional Chinese culture. , Innovation incubation, and international exchanges are the main functions, hence the name. JWM guard tour system provides strong security support for Yuetan Yaji Art Club to ensure the safety of objects and personnel.


Project Introduction:

There are many exhibits at the Moon Altar Art Gallery, most of which are extremely valuable works of art. Because of the frequent exchange activities held in the museum, there has been an endless stream of visitors in the past. In order to strengthen the construction of security technology and to ensure the safety of cultural relics, visitors and staff in the museum, Yuetan Yihui has comprehensively upgraded the security facilities. Through the installation of JWM guard tour patrol management system and the security department for reasonable planning, the internal warehouses, exhibition halls, basements, air-raid shelters, etc. and peripheral shops of the exhibition hall are on duty and patrolled 24 hours a day, laying a solid foundation for ensuring the safety of the exhibition hall.

Solve Problems:

1. When the artwork is exhibited, do a good job of security patrol of the exhibition hall to prevent visitors from destroying the artwork.
2. Patrol according to plan to prevent theft, fire and public security incidents. At the same time, it can find out whether there are any abnormalities, changes or damages to the doors, windows, showcases, and exhibits on the ground and underground. In case of emergency, contact the team leader in time , And quickly mobilized personnel to deal with it.
3. Manage the shops around the exhibition hall, guide the flow of people, and manage the parking lot to prevent damage and congestion.
4. Make patrol records well-documented, prevent security personnel from being lazy, improve safety awareness, and realize scientific modern management.

Product Introduction: