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Project Necessity

With the rapid development of market economy, the speeding up of city modernization, people is higher and higher demand for residential area, start construction of civilized village, is an important task of the property management company, need constant attention, constantly blaze new trails, actively create conditions to create a rich connotation, some residents of the fire control safety consciousness does not reach the designated position, community security loopholes in management rules, and therefore, it is necessary to perfect the system of property management in the security services and provide residents with a safe and comfortable living environment.

Project Introduction

In order to strengthen the security management of the community, to establish a good service image, Minde Property Management Co., Ltd introduced the JWM guard tour patrol management system to assist security patrol work. Management personnel sets patrol plans, install checkpoints, patrolling personnel according to the plan for patrolling, handheld Vanguard 4S Guard Tour System Reader, with checkpoint scanning, 24 hours a day to check security situation in the community, once every 1 hour patrol, found in the process of tour more outsiders, such as vendors, etc., to persuade them to leave village, once found illegal building construction or put items occupy the public area residents, timely to dissuade or report to the management department, to afforest, of the village public facilities or police are patrolling the parking lot.

Solve Problems

1. Formulated patrol personnel, time, task and patrol plan, conducted quantitative assessment on the work of patrol personnel, and avoided the loss of staff.
2. The guard tour system software has the function of customized patrol plan, and makes the patrol plan perfectly according to the characteristics of the community to improve the efficiency of patrol and management efficiency.
3. Through the background software analysis and processing of patrol information, useful information can be provided for the management staff, corresponding strategies can be formulated, and problems can be solved in the bud and nip in the bud.
4. The guard tour patrol reader has the function of flashlight, and the patrol personnel do not need to wear the flashlight during the night patrol, so the work is more convenient.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S