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Project Necessity:

Pipeline patrol is an important way to ensure pipeline line safety. However, traditional patrol work is often faced with many practical problems, such as the patrol route is too long and the range is too large, which leads to the failure of the patrol. The manual recording method of patrol personnel is expensive, difficult to keep and data statistics. Failure to unify operating standards. In case of practical problems, they cannot report information in time.


Longshengfeng Natural Gas Co., Ltd is the only professional enterprise engaged in long term natural gas pipeline business in Eastern Mongolia, mainly engaged in natural gas pipeline transportation and sales, gas filling stations for vehicles, gas storage and distribution stations for industrial use and other projects.In order to ensure the safe and effective operation of the long term natural gas pipeline, Longshengfeng Natural Gas Co., Ltd introduced the JWM guard tour system. According to the requirements of gas pipeline patrol, the manager makes patrol plan with guard tour system software, and distributes the guard tour patrol system reader with specific number and patrol schedule to the designated patrol personnel. The patrol personnel patrols according to the plan. Checkpoints can be installed for positions that cannot be located by GPS to ensure the implementation of the patrol plan.

Project Introduction:

Each time the patrol personnel arrive at the patrol control point, the guard tour patrol reader will automatically locate through GPS satellite, or collect information source information with the patrol, the guard tour patrol reader will record the patrol personnel arrival time, longitude and latitude coordinates and checkpoint characteristic code, and send the above data to the central server through GPRS in real time. The manager uses the data collected by the guard tour patrol management software through the remote network to conduct statistical analysis, check the patrol path, time and so on, so as to assess the work of the patrol officers. The guard tour system reader is equipped with an alarm system. In case of emergency during patrol, patrol workers can call the management center for help to ensure the safety of personnel and property.

Solve Problems:

1. The management center shall, in accordance with the line patrol system, set up the inspection sections and lines of pipelines and deploy the work of the line patrol personnel, so as to enhance the scientific means of safety and prevention management and realize the remote monitoring of the line patrol personnel to achieve the purpose of centralized management.
2. Upload all patrol tracks and patrol data, provide track playback and data query, check pipeline line resource data, and obtain more scientific patrol resource data.
3. Patrol data can be collected through the computer terminal and uploaded to the management center to form a work report of pipeline patrol events. Gas leakage prevention plan can be made in advance through data analysis to nip hidden dangers in the cradle.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000P5+