Guard Tour System – Longjiang Third People’s Hospital

Location: Longjiang Third People’s Hospital

Project Necessity:

In recent years, the safety management of hospitals has received widespread attention from the society. The key to hospital safety management is to prevent and reduce adverse events in the diagnosis and treatment process of patients and medical staff. Therefore, security personnel are required to patrol strictly in accordance with the patrol plan to ensure the Deal with emergencies in time to avoid deterioration of the situation.


Longjiang Third People’s Hospital is a large-scale comprehensive private hospital with a construction area of more than 20,000 square meters and multiple departments. In order to strengthen the safety management of the hospital and supervise the patrol work of security personnel, Longjiang Third People’s Hospital has introduced a JWM guard tour patrol management system. Through this system, hospital patrol personnel are encouraged to patrol the departments, laboratories, halls, corridors, fire-fighting facilities and the surrounding areas of the building according to the system in order to find hidden dangers and solve them in time. This kind of hospital cloud patrol method can greatly The safety work of the hospital has been strengthened, and the patrol work of security personnel has been effectively supervised and managed.

Project Introduction:

The cloud guard tour patrol management system is a patrol management system with cloud computing, cloud storage, and big data technology as its core, relying on the Internet as a basic platform. According to the characteristics of the hospital, patrol points should be installed in places with high population density, such as hospital registration and waiting areas, and places with hidden safety hazards, such as blind areas. The patrol personnel hold the Knight 3 real-time guard tour patrol system reader to collect information at the checkpoint, and the system will automatically record the exact time and place name of the location where the patrol personnel go. Through GPRS/3G wireless communication, patrol information is sent to the cloud platform in real time. In addition to using the computer, the administrator can also view the patrol information of patrol personnel anytime and anywhere through mobile APPs such as mobile phones, tablets, or WeChat push.

Solve Problems:

1. Managers use the background guard tour system patrol software to manage, formulate patrol plans, define patrol routes, and patrol personnel. The unified management of the hospital work area and the personnel in the hospital is realized, which greatly improves the efficiency of patrol. Through the unified management of data, the waste of time caused by manual data sorting is reduced.
2. The management center monitors and reviews the patrol routes of patrol personnel in real time, and evaluates the work performance of security patrol personnel. Through centralized management, it reduces the phenomenon of people leaving their posts due to laziness, and also reduces negligence and omission of patrols.
3. It ensures the unblocked flow of all areas and fire-fighting passages, can clean up illegal and misplaced items in time, and can deal with hidden dangers or problems in time.
4. It can handle emergencies in time, ensure the safety of the medical care site, and provide patients and their families with a safe medical environment.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000L5