Guard Tour System – Linjiang Qingquan Water Source Development Co., Ltd.

Location: Linjiang Qingquan Water Source Development Co., Ltd.

Project Necessity:

1. The manager cannot know whether the person in charge of patrol is going to patrol on time according to the patrol pipeline system.
2. When patrolling, patrol personnel cannot guarantee that all key positions are in place, and hidden dangers cannot be detected in time.
3. The company’s water pumps and water purification equipment need to be turned on for a long time, patrol personnel are lazy, and abnormal equipment cannot be found in time, leading to hidden dangers.


Linjiang Qingquan Water Source Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in water source development, pipeline installation, freshwater fish breeding sales, fruit tree cultivation, tourist attraction development, and bee breeding. The management industry covers a wide area and the patrol terrain is complex. In order to guarantee the stable water supply and power generation of the water supply plant, ensure the safe production of workers and the stable operation of the machine, Linjiang Qingquan Water Source Development Co., Ltd. introduced the JWM intelligent GPS guard tour system to provide a strong security system for the water plant.

Project Introduction:

According to the large-area application environment of the patrol line, there are special situations that are difficult to locate and maintain at a later stage. The online GPS patrol management system uses the world’s leading GPS global satellite positioning technology, GSM/GPRS wireless data transmission technology, GIS geographic information system and computer Network communication and data processing technology, on the GSM/GPRS communication platform, developed a patrol personnel tracking management and monitoring system suitable for a variety of industries. Through this system, long-term patrol personnel can be supervised and managed remotely to ensure that they can accurately patrol according to the set patrol route, location, shift, time, and necessary stays in key parts. The system not only realizes the dynamic management of the entire process of the patrol personnel during the patrol process, but also realizes the real-time upload of the hidden dangers, accidents and other event information during the patrol process, thereby minimizing the hidden dangers of the accident and realizing the early control of the accident.

Solve Problems:

1. Through GPS patrol, you can effectively reach the designated inspector and reach the designated location within the prescribed time according to the prescribed route.
2. In addition to the real-time transmission function, the guard tour system reader also has a one-key alarm function, which can report, handle and track emergency accidents and hidden safety hazards in a timely manner to avoid increased harm.
3. The patrol track and the patrol data are all uploaded, and the track playback and data query are provided.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000P5+