Guard Tour System – Liaoyuan Public Security Bureau

Location:Liaoyuan Public Security Bureau

Project Necessity:

A patrolman is a people’s policeman who carries out duty activities by means of patrol in a certain route or section. According to the customized demands of Shuangliao Public Security Bureau, JWM has designed a targeted public security patrol management system, which can make patrol route and time in advance and arrange patrol personnel.


Liaoyuan is a city in the south-central part of Jilin Province. It is located in the transitional zone between Changbai mountain and Northeast China Plain. In order to achieve an effective patrol prevention and control system with unified command, rapid response, troops on the street, joint action of various police forces and rapid response, the Shuangliao Public Security Bureau has effectively managed patrol officers and patrol members through technical means, effectively combating crime, the Shuangliao Public Security Bureau (PSB) has adopted the Kim Man Yard patrol system to assist patrol officers in their work.

Project Introduction:

Patrol officers on duty hold GPS patrol devices, patrol according to the provisions of the command center, punch in the position of patrol point, and upload to the management center through GPRS. This system software analyzes, processes and statistics the data transmitted back, and makes reports, which provides scientific and accurate assessment basis for the command center. JWM Cloud Patrol System cloud storage, big data technology as the core, relying on the Internet as the guard patrol system. The system will automatically record the exact time and place name of the spot where the inspectors go. Through GPRS/3G wireless communication, real-time inspection information is sent to the Cloud Patrol System. In addition to using computers, managers can also push mobile apps such as mobile phones and tablets or WeChat to view patrol information of inspectors anytime and anywhere.

Solve Problems:

1.Data real-time Upload, through the Control Command Center to patrol real-time Monitoring, achieving the purpose of centralized management;
2.Patrol machine with a button alarm function, speed up the speed of the police, to protect the personal and property security of patrol officers and citizens;
3.To obtain more scientific data of inspection resources, can collect inspection data and conduct inspection;
4.Strengthen the scientific means of safety prevention and management, and achieve advanced technology.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000L5